Natural Alternatives

Natural Alternatives

I'm sure you're aware of the many harmful side effects of properly prescribed prescription and chemical medicines. In fact the second leading cause of death in the United States alone is from properly prescribed medicines and hospital visits. It's called Iatragenic Illness. There is a much safer and better solution for you, you loved ones and even pets. You will see how and why Natural Alternatives work for you so you don't have to take harmful medicines, risky surgeries or undergo endless medical treatments do more harm than good.


Emergency medicine can be life-saving and I do admire what they can do for all of us. It's non-emergency medicine that leaves a lot to be desired. The side effects of un-natural and chemical medicines are usually far worse than what they are treating. Not curing, treating! Like they say in the medical field, a patient cured is a customer lost. They do not heal and cure (and neither does anything on this blog because of legal reasons) but diagnose and treat because that is ongoing and you never get permanently better. Natural alternatives can help you get back to a natural healthy balance for life. 


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Are Natural Alternatives Better?

Are Natural Alternatives Better? Judging by the side effects alone, it is a no-brainer as chemical medicines have very harmful and frequently lethal side effects. Not so with natural alternatives. Natural alternatives are not new arrivals but time tested natural remedies that have been used for millennia for natural healing and rejuvenation. 


Modern medicine is only about one hundred years old. It is the new kid on the block. It is not tried, true and well tested. We all know that what is called “science” is not really science at all but politics. When you pay enough money any “scientist” will say and verify whatever results that the payee desires. It's big time money too, not a few dollars but trillions of dollars! Most natural alternatives like botanicals, herbal remedies, homeopathy and holistic health therapies are very safe and cost very little compared to chemical medicines. They are a whole lot safer too! 


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Are Natural Alternatives Safe?

Are Natural Alternatives Safe? Safety is the #1 goal of alternative medicine. It is safer by a country mile. People usually don't die from dis-ease and cancer, they die from the medical treatment of dis-ease and cancer! Unless you have a specific allergy to a natural plant substance it is very safe indeed. 


When used properly and appropriately it is much preferred as the side effects are few and have a high safety record. They have been used for thousands of years and are well known by traditional medicine men and women as well as professional herbalists, homeopathic doctors and holistic physicians. I always opt for safe and effective natural alternatives before I ever use a chemical medicine. 


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Top Natural Alternatives to …

Top Natural Alternatives to .. There are natural alternatives to everything under the sun, as it is the time tested method for natural healing, longevity, gardening and even household cleaning. Here are the most top common natural alternatives:

  • Natural Alternatives to Adderall
  • Natural Alternatives to Anti-Depressives
  • Natural Alternatives to Anti-Inflammatories 
  • Natural Alternatives to Anxiety Medicines
  • Natural Alternatives to Cialis
  • Natural Alternatives to Coumadin 
  • Natural Alternatives to Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)
  • Natural Alternatives to Ivermectin 
  • Natural Alternatives to NSAIDS 
  • Natural Alternatives to Metformin  
  • Natural Alternatives to Painkillers 
  • Natural Alternatives to Prozac 
  • Natural Alternatives to Omeprazolen 
  • Natural Alternatives to Prednisone 
  • Natural Alternatives to Prozac 
  • Natural Alternatives to Retinol
  • Natural Alternatives to Roundup 
  • Natural Alternatives to Statins
  • Natural Alternatives to Steroids
  • Natural Alternatives to Viagra
  • Natural Alternatives to Xanax

These are just a few of the top natural alternatives that are safer, less expensive and even work better than their chemical counterparts. Choose holistic natural alternatives whenever you possibly can. 


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Full Spectrum Magnesium

A great example of a natural alternative to insomnia, joint pain, muscle aches, restless leg syndrome, migraines and even spams is Full Spectrum Magnesium.  Most people have way too much calcium in their bodies due to it being in all foods (and it’s junk calcium as it can’t be fully absorbed!) It directly causes calcification in your arteries, joints and even brain. Calcium directly competes with magnesium and causes joint stiffness, inflexible muscles and anxiety feelings! Natural alternatives like full-spectrum magnesium brings calm to mind and body and properly balances every cell in your body.


Most people are highly magnesium deficient. If you have any of the symptoms like anxiety, panic, depression, arthritis, tendonitis. heart disease, insomnia, constipation, muscle cramps and weak bones and teeth. Using a natural magnesium like Magnesium Breakthrough (which has all 7 types of elemental magnesium) can bring you peace of mind and body. It is #1 natural mineral for anxiety relief. It just calms so you look and feel relaxed and in control. It can be used with any of the herbal or homeopathic remedies for anxiety relief, panic or even depression because they work on different pathway in your body. 


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Do Natural Alternative Work?

Do Natural Alternatives Work? Natural alternatives work really well for most people and even your pets. They work with your body as your body recognizes them and can use them effectively. Chemical medicines are toxic to the body and your body sees them as foreign invaders. That creates an immune response and leads to chronic inflammation and autoimmune conditions. Vaccines are the worst! If you've had a vaccine (or if your loved ones or pets have gotten one) you need to cleanse it out of your body asap, see: Vaccine Detox.


Natural alternatives work! Using natural alternatives for everything will not only save you money, they can save your life. They stop your pain and inflammation so you can start the healing process. Healing happens when inflammation is relieved and the damaged tissues are strengthened. Since chronic stress and chronic inflammation is at the core of almost all conditions, you can start by using Natural Anti-Inflammatoriy Supplements because they stop the pain and inflammation without harmful side effects.  


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Best Natural Alternatives

Choose the best Natural Best Natural Alternatives that relieve your pain and stop the cause of your dis-ease. Here are a few of the best natural alternatives to some common life issues:

  • Zeolite Powder (The most powerful natural detox. It helps detox from vaccines, chemical medicines, heavy metals, radiation, and pathogens like viruses and bacteria.)
  • Systemic Enzymes (Breaks up scar tissue and fibrin that prevents healing especially for calcific tendinitis, caused by calcium deposit buildups
  • Turmeric Curcumin (Top natural anti-inflammatory herb)
  • Full Spectrum Magnesium (Natural full spectrum magnesium that gives you the ideal nerve and connective tissue balance for arthritis, insomnia, anxiety and muscle pain relief.)
  • Colloidal Silver (Colloidal silver is a natural antiseptic that you can use internally or externally. I use it at the first sign of any infection and even rub it on bug bites.)
  • CBD Hemp Oil (Organic CBD Oil is very soothing and healing to your body. You have more cannabinoid receptors in your body than almost anything else!)

Natural Alternatives work and are much safer than their chemical cousins. Modern medicine comes from nature, but in a patented (chemically extracted) form that is not natural and not safe for your body. Choosing natural alternatives that are safe and effective can increase your quantity and quality of life.  

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